The success of the Jim Hall Kart Racing School, and especially its graduates, over the last 23 years can be attributed to one quality above any other – the quality of the instruction.

Led by world-renowned principle, racer and Executive Instructor Jim Hall II, the Jim Hall Kart Racing School instruction staff offers over 30 years of combined instruction experience. Jim leads a specialized staff who not only teach students, but race themselves. This real-world, on-track experience translates directly into concrete instruction, with results you can measure in the tick of a stopwatch. Not to mention the pounding of your heart.

Teaching the proven Jim Hall kart racing method – a method that helped Jim win numerous world and national karting championships and helped launch the careers of several top international racers – our instructors will tailor their teaching to your level of personal experience and confidence. And class size is limited to ensure you get plenty of personal attention. With concentration and our expert instruction, you'll quickly find yourself reaching whatever goal you have set for yourself, whether it's simply having an unforgettably good time or shaving the last tenth of a second off your lap time.