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Racing karts have repeatedly proven to be the most versatile and effective learning tool for driver's looking to improve their confidence on the road or racers aspiring to be the next World Champion. Top drivers in Formula One, Champ Cars, Indy Cars and Sports Cars testify to the efficiency of karts in teaching the art of driving, control and in fine-tuning reaction times. Why? Because most of them started in karts.

What makes karts such an effective teaching tool? With no suspension and no spoilers, there's nothing between you and the kart to affect your performance. Karts are pure racing machines distilled down to the bare essentials, creating a direct connection between driver and kart. Smoothness and technique are rewarded while mistakes are amplified, allowing instructor and student to focus on specific areas for improvement.

At the Jim Hall Kart Racing School, we use only the newest, most modern equipment. Our karts are updated yearly and expertly maintained by experienced staff. In addition, they are identically prepared to provide the most accurate comparison between competing drivers.