The newest trend in the karting industry are TAG karts, so-called due to their self-contained starter and battery, and dry-clutch, single-gear engine. The Jim Hall Kart Racing School brought on a fleet of TAG (touch-and-go) karts in January 2006. These 25-h.p., 125-cc karts with 4-wheel disc brakes are as fast as 80-cc shifter karts; 0- to-60 in under 6 seconds.

We are now offering classes in TAG karts, so call to reserve your space.

TAG Kart Specs
Manufacturer:   Emmick
Chassis:   Tube Frame
Steering:   Direct, column-mounted steering arms (.75 turns lock to lock)
Brakes:   4-wheel disc with adjustable bias
Engine:   PRD 125-cc
Maximum rpm:   13,000
Output:   25 horsepower
Transmission:   Dry clutch
0-60 m.p.h.:   5.9 seconds
Top speed: 90 mph
Cornering ability:   1.5 G's