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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is karting?
Like all motorsports, there is an element of risk involved. However, the Jim Hall Kart Racing School has an excellent safety record with over 32,000 graduates in our nearly 23-year history. In fact, we're rated in the same category of insurance as tennis and golf schools. And much of the first day of all programs is dedicated to learning safety procedures so that we can keep the incidents to a minimum.

Do I need to bring my own safety equipment?
No, complete safety equipment, including helmets, neck supports, jackets and optional rib pads, are provided free of charge. You are only required to wear long pants and closed-toe tennis shoes, although we do recommend that you also bring a jacket or windbreaker, hat and sunscreen.

Can I bring my own helmet?
Yes, if it is SNEL 2000-rated or better.

How much driving time do I get?
Driving time varies depending on which classes you take. Half-day classes like the Day 1A program include three complete driving sessions totaling 35 laps. If you choose one of our full-day classes, either as a single day or part of a multi-day package, you will be at the track from 8:30am to 4pm with at least six on-track driving sessions totaling approximately 80 laps (shifter programs may be fewer). Driving sessions will range from specific braking and line drills, race starts, wheel-to-wheel practice racing and timed lapping.

How many people are in a class?
We limit our class size to a maximum of 18 students in the Day 1 classes and up to 15 students in the Day 2 and TAG kart classes. Weekend classes and special group classes may have exceptions.

Are there any age restrictions?
Due to high demand, we are now offering a special Youth Program for students ages 10 - 14, with a minimum height of 4'8. Please click on "School", and then "Schedule", to see Parent/Child listings. The classes will be offered on exclusive days and class size will be limited to 15 students. Otherwise, our minimum age is 13 and we've had students as old as 83, with an average age of 40 years. Our minimum height requirement is 5 feet tall. Our minimum age in the TAG karts is 15 (age 14 with instructor approval) with a height requirement of 5'3. Our height maximum is 6'8 in both the Sprints and TAG karts. Our maximum weight is 260lbs at 6'1 or taller in the Sprints and 230lbs at 6'1 or taller in the TAG karts.

Can I just rent a kart for an hour?
No. The Jim Hall Kart Racing School is designed to teach you how to race in a controlled, instructional atmosphere. We do not offer rentals. The Day 1A program will give you a 3-4 hour program including instruction, racing gear and three on-track driving sessions in our top-of-the-line racing karts. And graduates of Day 1A/1B can participate in half-day lapping classes designed to give drivers the maximum amount of track time.

Can I bring my own kart?
No. All of our karts are professionally maintained to provide a level playing field for all of our students and are setup specifically to provide optimum feedback and forgiveness to aid in the learning process.

Can my family or friends come to watch?
Yes, chairs are available for family members to sit on and watch the racing with a view of the entire track. Please be aware that pit access is restricted during on-track activities.

How far in advance should I book my class?
We recommend that you book your class at least two weeks in advance. Also, have more than one date that works for you so we will have another choice to work with just in case the date you want is not available.

Are there group discounts or special package rates offered?
We do not offer group discounts, but we do offer corporate programs or other exclusive arrangements, and there are special rates available for multi-day packages as well. Click here to see the package rate and corporate program information.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, we have gift certificates available. Please call the office at 805-654-1329 and speak to one of the office personnel. Phones are answered M - F 8am to 5pm. All gift certificates need to be paid for in full.

Where are you located?
Our track is located about one hour or 65 miles north of Los Angeles and 30 minutes south of Santa Barbara, roughly half way between the Ventura and Channel Islands marinas on the beach. Click here for a map and detailed directions.

What is the closest airport?
Both Burbank and LAX are equal distances. We recommend Burbank. The Burbank airport is easier to get in and out of than LAX. We can send you directions from either airport to our track.

Can you recommend any hotels?
There are several local hotels that provide special rates to our customers. The prices range from $79 to luxury accommodations, although some hotels will not guarantee the Jim Hall Kart Racing School rate during peak periods. When you make your reservations, ask for the Jim Hall Kart Racing School rate. For more information about hotels and restaurants in the area, click here or follow the Local Info link at the bottom of the page.