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Arrive-and-Drive Race Series

There's no greater test of skill — and no greater thrill — than racing wheel-to-wheel in open competition. Hone your race craft by competing with recent and veteran racers looking to keep their skills sharp. The Jim Hall Arrive-and-Drive Race Series places a premium on skill, not budget, by running all competitors in identically prepared karts.

We offer both Sprint and TAG Kart classes, and the series runs twice per year. The Spring 2006 Series runs from February through June, and the Fall Series from September through January 2007. These five-race series are open to Jim Hall 2-Day Graduates (Sprint) and TAG A/B Graduates. Enter individual races or sign up for the entire championship series. See below for qualification requirements and complete information.

Race Practice is scheduled for the Saturday afternoon before each race day, so you can familiarize yourself with various karts and practice lines in four timed sessions. Instructors are available to provide feedback to help you reduce lap times.

Spring Series Arrive & Drive Race Weekends:

*February 4 & 5
*March 4 & 5
*April 1 & 2
*May 6 & 7
*June 3 & 4

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Jim Hall Arrive-and-Drive Race Series Details

Must be a graduate of Day 1A/B and Day 2 Racing with recorded fast lap time as determined by their instructor to compete in the Sprint Kart Race Series. Must be a graduate of SK-1 and SK-2 to compete in the Shifter Kart Race Series, with an eligible fast lap time as determined by their instructor.

Jim Hall Arrive & Drive Race Series application must be filled in and returned to Jim Hall Kart Racing School prior to their first race in each series.

Print and mail the Sprint Kart Race Series Application.

Print and mail the TAG Kart Race Series Application.

Drivers must read a copy of the official Rules and Regulations prior to their first race in each series.

Drivers can compete in one or more races.

Payment and reservation options are listed on Jim Hall Kart Racing School Race Series Application. Make your appointment early because Jim Hall Kart Racing School reserves the right to limit the number of drivers participating in the race event.

Postponement of a race practice or race day due to rain will be determined on the day of the event by a JHKRS staff member. Any portion of a race weekend cancelled due to rain will be rescheduled to a later date. This may include the scheduling of a "double race weekend" later in the series (with race days on both Saturday and Sunday and a race practice on Friday), or postponement to a date not previously on the race series schedule. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many racers as possible when rescheduling.

If you are late or do not show, without prior notice, you will be considered absent. You will forfeit 100% of the race fees. All cancellations require at least 10 days notice.